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By partnering with Fuel It Refuelling, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - optimizing your fuel consumption.

National Leading Fuel Distributor

Save Time & Money For your Transport fleet

Fleet managers often face challenges when their drivers forget or don't have time to refuel their trucks at the end of their shift. This can cause delays in delivering goods, reduce efficiency, and result in increased overtime, making it difficult to complete all deliveries in a day. Refuelling a fleet can also add significant overhead and slow down deliveries, with drivers spending up to 40 minutes or more refuelling their trucks on the job. This includes time spent driving to the refuelling station, waiting in line, refuelling, and getting back on the route, all of which can result in costly overtime and equipment downtime. Additionally, operations managers may encounter other refuelling issues, such as fuel theft or misappropriation, as well as difficulties in accurately tracking a fleet's fuel consumption.

Increase Productivity On Your Construction Site

The use of traditional on-site fuel tanks and slip tanks for refuelling construction equipment has always posed challenges to site productivity. The need for labor to refuel equipment or move tanks from site to site can result in excessive overtime hours and increased equipment downtime. Additionally, the inability to track fuel consumption by job site, project, or equipment can make it difficult to budget and forecast fuel needs and lead to fuel theft. Environmental spills can cause lost time, expensive cleanups, and regulatory compliance issues.

Furthermore, owning a fuel truck can also increase costs and wasted time. Concerns such as driver recruitment, training, and management, vehicle repairs and maintenance, insurance, and compliance with changing regulations can be time consuming and detract from other important aspects of business management.

Refueling Solutions For Power Generators

Many businesses rely on generators to maintain operations, but managing the refuelling process can be challenging. Ensuring the generators are refueled on time and run without interruption, even in inclement weather is essential. Let us take care of the generator refuelling for you. Our team of experts will deliver diesel and handle the refuelling process for power generators on your construction, mining, and oil & gas sites. We can keep your operations fuelled and running smoothly, even in remote areas with unavailable power sources. Our fuel consultants will work with you to develop a customized generator refuelling strategy tailored to your needs, with scheduled delivery to ensure your site or building is always powered. We can also provide diesel for on-site generators in office buildings and condos, delivering fuel at your convenience, so you don't have to worry about running out of fuel or scheduling timely deliveries.

A Clean & Simple Solution For DEF Vehicles

The introduction of Diesel Exhaust Fluid in construction and fleet vehicles has increased the complexity of business management. It is now necessary to manage the purchase and inventory of another product, and ensure that it is stored and dispensed under controlled temperature conditions. This can be a challenging task, but there are solutions available to simplify the process and Fuel It Refuelling can simplify the process for you.


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