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On-site mobile fuel delivery company that brings the fuel directly to you.

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Why Choose Fuel It Refuelling?

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Fuel Management & Minimize Risk

Track every dollar spent on fuel and get rid of gas cards or company credit cards. With our service, there is less risk for you, and less wear on your vehicle.

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Increase Productivity

Allow your employees to focus on the job and not on making sure vehicles are fuelled.

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You don't really think about it, but every trip to the gas station is wasted time.

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Year of Establishment


It all started with two friends, a drive for innovation, and a distaste for gas stations. After months of brainstorming, drafting, negotiating, and throwing away all plans to have to restart again, we finally found the ultimate fun and fresh solution to abolish traditional and boring gas stations. After research and consultation, we found a safe and legal way to bring gas to your home, work, or anywhere between.


This all ties together to fulfill our bigger mission of saving you time and money while contributing to a green society. As an energy wholesaler, many often ask how we can be environmentally friendly. Simply put, by bypassing the gas station, we are not only having less environmental damage to land, but we are also cutting out the middle man that transports fuel to the gas station from the refinery and using more fuel-efficient vehicles to do so.


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Our Services

Fuel Delivery Simplified. Optimizing your daily operation is what we do.

No hidden fees. Get a competitive fuel price, but get it delivered.

Reliable Direct-to-Equipment Refuelling Throughout Quebec

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Innovating Control

Take back control of your fuel by using our complimentary Fuel Management Online service. Monitor your fuel expenses and usage, generate comprehensive reports, and determine the exact location of your fuel consumption, down to every single equipment. Our operations strictly comply with national environmental and safety regulations. Our service is hassle-free, secure, and budget-friendly.

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Safe Fuel Handling

Accidents can have adverse effects on business by causing expensive environmental damage, equipment repairs, and higher insurance premiums. To ensure safety when it comes to fuel, it is best to opt for a professional delivery service that can directly supply equipment. This approach protects employees from exposure, prevents spills that can harm the environment, and shields companies from liability.

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A Career at Fuel It

Our company takes pride in utilizing cutting-edge technology, delivering expert training, and adhering to high operational standards within our industry. We recognize and value the contributions of each employee and provide them with opportunities for career growth through goal-based training and advancement programs.

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